Butterfly nails for #NAILlinkup

The prompt of this week’s Nail Art Ideas Linkup is butterflies.  Cool for me because I love painting monarch wings on my nails.  I have posted this type of nail art several times before.  So for today’s design I decided to change up my wing pattern a little bit.

nicolebyopi butterfly nails butterfly nail art butterfly nailsDon’t miss the other butterfly nails in our gallery.  And why not join in too?

ps- The bottle I’m holding (for my accent nail) is Nicole By OPI Lips Are Dripping Honey.


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80’s style nails- double animal print

The month is more than half over and I still haven’t posted my nails for our first prompt of our May #NAILlinkup!  I was excited for our 1980’s theme…. but the nail design I came up with kind of disappointed me.  I’m getting it over it now and I’m posting them anyway.  I planned to do some awesome grey Nintendo NES nails, but my Bundle Monster stamping plate was being such a P.I.T.A.! The BM-415 plate has a small stamp of a nintendo controller, but I tried it a million times and it would not transfer the image at all. Very frustrating.  So without much planning this is what I came up with…

1980s neon animal print nails 80s nails animal print water decals

  • Funky Fingers Limelight
  • Cynthia Rowley unnamed neon pink nail polish
  • Konad M57 nail stamping plate
  • Bundle Monster BM-405 nail stamping plate
  • Rica white stamping polish
  • Water Slide Decals

These nails incorporate a few things that are totally tubular and totally 1980’s! Neon, animal print, and even some green slime a la Nickelodeon.  Do you remember that show called You Can’t Do That on Television?  Did you know Alanis Morissette started her career on that show?  Here’s a vid of her getting slimed!


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Matte runway nails

Are you a fashionista at heart?  Well, I’m not.  Regardless of my clothing choices, I still want my nails to look hot.  If you want runway-ready nails too, then I have the perfect mani for you!

sally hansen runway nails big matte top coat runway nails This nail art design was featured in Misha Nonoo’s 2015 runway show. The designer imagined a white nail with bits of transparency and opacity and she asked Sally Hansen for a hand in creating this exclusive look. This manicure has a clean minimalist appeal, and it’s so easy to do.  Here’s how celebrity manicurist Tracylee prepped the models’ nails for Nonoo’s spring show–

  • place strips of skinny tape running down your bare nail
  • two coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Let’s Snow
  • then peel off the tape
  • finish with Sally Hansen’s Big Matte Top Coat

The result is simple, stylish and even sort of office appropriate.  My favorite kind of wearable ‘everyday’ nailart!  Do you like simple designs like this too?

Bubblegum Pop

I’m not a huge fan of the wet n wild Megalast nail polishes.  I like the price and the selection of colors, but I think the formula ruins my nails. I’ve noticed that if I wear it for too long then my nails get weird white spots on them.  Like they’ve been through trauma or something.  I try not to wear Megalasts too much.  But when I spotted this pink one at Dollar General last week I just had to buy it.  It’s so bright and super pink.  So girly and summery!  It’s called Bubblegum Pop-

bubblegum popHere I’m wearing a clear base coat of Pink Armor Nail Gel, then two coats of Bubblegum Pop, followed by a coat of seche vite.

pink megalast swatchI love wearing hot pink nails! Do you?

Peel Off Base Coat Review- NYC Strip Me Off

Me and peel-off base coats have a love/hate affair.  I love the idea of them, but hate the disappointing results.  I reviewed the Essence brand peel-off and it didn’t work.  So I have been known to use my DIY version instead.  But today, I have another brand to try- NYC New York Color Strip Me Off Base Coat. This product is supposed to turn any nail color into a peelable polish. As a base coat it’s meant to protect nails and smooth ridges and imperfections under any kind of nail polish, especially those with glitter or texture.  No need for acetone.  Just peel the polish off when you want to change it. Let’s see how it works!

nyc strip me offI applied one healthy coat to each nail.  It dried relatively fast (it was definitely faster than my diy version).  You know it’s dry because the white color turns to transparent.  Then I applied a purple base color to each nail using Rica Sugar Plum Wings.  Then I applied glitter (Shimmer Karen) to a few nails, and some stamping to a few others.  All nails were finished with a quickdry coat of seche vite topcoat.  Here’s what my finished mani looked like-glitter peel off maniI wore the mani for a little less than 24 hrs before I peeled it off.  Some of the corners were lifting off and I couldn’t resist peeling it!  It peeled really easy and didn’t seem to damage my nails.  Here’s an after-shot of my nails.  You can see the middle finger had a tiny bit of the nail surface rip up, but not bad at all.  I was happy that this product did not mess up my nails!

strip me off The non glitter nails peeled off just as easily as the glitter ones.  I wasn’t sure how that would work.  But Strip Me Off performed just as well with regular polish as it did with glitter polish.  And here’s what my little peelies look like! Each nail color came off in one big piece.

peel off basecoat by nycOverall, I think NYC Strip Me Off Base Coat works great.  It does start to peel off rather quickly though. So don’t expect your mani to last for days on end.  But this stuff does exactly what it’s supposed to do.  And the price point is right.  In the U.S. Strip Me Off can be found at chain drugstores and mass merchandisers for $1.99.  To find a retailer near you visit- http://www.newyorkcolor.com/en/store-locator

JORD Ely Series Wood Watch Review

jord review by craftynailThe folks at woodwatches.com sent me a unique JORD watch to review and I’m loving my new arm candy!  This watch is from JORD’s Ely series which comes in four different wood grains and I chose Black, a neutral dark brown shade with silver accents.  If you haven’t heard of JORD before, it’s important to know that their craftsmen use sustainably sourced wood like bamboo, maple, sandalwood, blackwood, cherry, zebrawood, and koa.  The result? Wooden watches like none you’ve seen before.  I have fallen in love with my watch within the last week, and if I forget to wear it to work in the AM– I’m sad all day.  For real.  Every outfit I wear would look cooler with a coordinating JORD arm party.  I’ll show you what I’m talking about….

craftynail jord arm candy ely jord arm candyThe watch came nestled on a woolen pillow tucked inside a nifty wooden box with the JORD logo carved in it.

jord ely setAs the daughter of a woodworker, I’ve seen a lot of fancy wood pieces in my lifetime.  And I gotta say, this watch is really great quality.  My dad told me that he has seen many wooden watches at trade shows before, but they didn’t look to be as high-quality as my JORD watch.  Right from the horse’s mouth…

Here’s a few tidbits about what I love about my JORD watch-

  • As you wear it, your movement charges the battery.  I never really heard of this before.  I guess I assumed all watches had a button cell battery or something.  I think this is a cool feature. Now I’m not worried about my battery dying on me, like so many of the cheap watches I have lying around that are dead and I’ll never wear again.
  • My Ely watch is surprisingly light and comfortable.  You’d think a wood watch would be heavy, right? It’s not.
  • I feel like I’m wearing a piece of art.
  • My watch looks cooler than everyone else’s.
  • I like the closure on the back of the watch.  I’m too impatient for most straps.  So I really like that the JORD watch has a metal closure that you simply snap closed.  It’s hard to explain how it works, so here’s a few photos.

back of jord watch jord watch closure

If you’re on the market for a new women’s or men’s watch, or for the perfect gift, you need to check out woodwatches.com.  I’m smitten with my Ely model, and now I’m eyeing the turquoise one.  Seriously, check out their site here and look at the gorgeous Cora series watch in zebrawood with the turquoise face. Wear all the wood!

Visit JORD on the web / Blog / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Vine

Womens Wooden Watches

French dream catcher nails

I have been wearing a french mani for a few days and I decided to embellish it. I haven’t done much intricate nail art lately, so I was in the mood for some free hand painting. And I’m always in the mood for dreamcatchers! So this is what I wound up with-

french dream catcher nailart french dreamcatcher nails french dreamcatchers
For the french manicure I used some nail guide stickers to paint a clean smile line with some white nail polish. I topped that with a sheer french manicure color from Seche called Chic. I painted my dream catchers with Oumaxi acrylic paint and a striper brush. My feathers are outlined with acrylic paint, but filled them in with nail polish. I also did some stamping on my pointer and pinkie fingers. I stamped a whimsical woman’s face and a sparrow using my Pueen Encore set. It’s busy, but I like it!  I think the bird is my favorite part.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend! Today I’m going to brainstorm on my 1980’s mani for our May NAIL Linkup. The 80’s theme is probably my fave prompt that we came up with for May! Here are all themes if you’re interested in joining in- MAY NAILLINKUP PROMPTS.  See ya!

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