AriZona #mynailsandmydrink for Day 29 #omd3nails

The Oh Mon Dieu challenge is in the home stretch! Only a few prompts left. And don’t forget, we keep the raffle and inlinkz open til August 5th in case you need extra time to catch up.  I know I have to catch up on the fast food, love, and shoe prompt!

Today’s theme is #mynailsandmydrink which we’ve noticed is a popular hashtag on instagram lately.  One of my favorite drinks is diet AriZona Iced Tea… but not a lot of convenient stores carry diet. Not sure why. I guess a lot of store managers are haters. So when I happen to find a store that carries diet, I usually grab a few at a time so I can bring some home.  This can of AriZona Zero Calorie Green Tea with Ginseng came from my fridge and was the inspiration for today’s nail art.  The design I came up with isn’t a replica of the AriZona can… it’s more inspired by it.  Loose interpretation.  I stamped the design, and then filled it in with little dabs of nail polish colors to give it more depth-

arizona nail art arizona green tea nails arizona nails

Red ❥ Ruby Wings Saloon Sweetheart

Black ❥ Rica Blackout

Pale Yellow ❥ Zoya Jacqueline

Bronze ❥ AVON Copper Gleam

Teal ❥ Color Club Wild Cactus

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PRINCESS BEYONCE NAILS for #omd3nails Day 28

Have you ever seen that sitcom Raising Hope?  Well, the main character hooks up with a crazy convict chick and he finds out months later he impregnated her and she named their baby Princess Beyoncé!  OMG I love that show.  I cried when I heard they canceled it.

Since the nail prompt for our Oh Mon Dieu Challenge is PRINCESS today… why not try out some Princess Beyoncé nails?  Afterall, my Dope Digits Decals have been sitting there patiently waiting to be used.  I’m so glad I can finally test them out.  I love Beyoncé!

Princess Beyonce Nails Beyonce Nails Beyonce Dope DigitsDope Digits are a little different than other decals. They’re kinda like a hybrid of stickers and water slide decals.  You’re supposed to paint your nails, let them dry completely, peel the clear layer off the decal, and then stick it to your nail face down.  They’re sticky like a sticker so they stay put.  Then you’re supposed to dip your finger in water til the paper backing slides right off.  Cool, huh?  I hope you like them !

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GLITTER BUTTERFLY WINGS for #omd3nails Day 27

The OMD3 nail art theme today is WINGS and it made me think back to last year’s OMD2 challenge when I did these awesome glitter placement nails.  I’ve been wanting to try this look again! So I’m back at it.  Behold my second set of butterfly wing glitter-placement nails!

glitter butterfly wing nails glittery butterfly nails butterfly nails

    • OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender
    • China Glaze Don’t Be A Flake
    • Seche Vite Top Coat

OMG I wish I had the time and energy to do all my nails like this.  LOVE IT!  Also, I think I’m going to put Lucky Lucky Lavender on my toes before the weekend. I think it will make my feet look summery and tan.

Goin to pick up my new car at 4pm today. So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hey y’all! We got PEACE signs for today’s Oh Mon Dieu prompt! I think tie dye and peace signs go hand in hand.  Then I realized I had leftover water marble decals I could use, and those kinda look like tie dye. Here’s a post where I explain how I make my water marble decals.  For this pink n purple marble I used all wet n wild Megalast polishes because those seem to spread well in water for me.

water marble peace sign nail artpeace nailsI hand painted a peace sign over top of my marble and it came out pretty good I think!

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SUNNY WEATHER NAILS for #omd3nails Day 25

WEATHER is the OMD3 theme today, and the only weather I can think about lately is sunshine. It’s been pretty warm here in NY and I’ve been having some fun in the sun. So it only seemed right to do sunny nails for this prompt-

sunny weather nails sunny summer nails sumemr nailsAnd I finally got to try out my new OPI Brights color called My Car Has Navy-gation. I used two coats of that as my base color.  The formula on this shade is tricky though. It’s kind of goopy and gelatinous. The first coat was weird and patchy but I did my second coat kinda thick so I got complete coverage.  I do like the finish of My Car Has Navy-gation though- it’s super shiny!
To jazz up my blue nails I did some summery nail stamping using Cheeky CH37 stamping plate.  I picked a sun design and a cute sunglass pattern.  I used four different Rica polishes for my stamping.  I love them.  I want a Rica in every color of the rainbow! They stamp so well and they don’t streak when I topcoat them.

I hope you like my sunny weather nails!  And don’t miss the other entries for OMD3 day 25 below. Ciao!

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FLAMES for #omd3nails Day 24

I love FLAMES as one of our nail art prompts for the Oh Mon Dieu Challenge!  I enjoy wearing edgy and sassy nail designs, so this mani was fun for me to wear….
flame nails gel finish nail art heart flame nailsYellow ➼ AVON Gel Finish Limincello

Black ➼ AVON Nailwear Pro+ Licorice

Red Textured Polish ➼ AVON Stardust Cherry Dazzler

Silver ➼ AVON Gel Finish Sterling

Stamping ➼ Cheeky CH52 Plate

Top Coat ➼ Seche Vite

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