Orly Androgynie

I haven’t posted much this week because I’m mentally preparing myself for our July 31 day challenge.  It’s a lot of work to do 31 days in a row, so I’m taking a mini break now while I can! But I’m still painting my nails and I wanted to show you this nail polish I just picked up on clearance…

Orly AndrogynieOrly Androgynie has been on my lemmings list for a while now.  This color actually came out in 2011. When I saw it in the store years ago I really wanted it, but I was being cheap that day, and only wanted to buy one Orly for some reason.  It was a toss up between Fowl Play and Androgynie. Fowl Play won. And I’ve been thinking about Androgynie ever since!  So when I was at Sally’s Beatuy Supply a few weeks ago and saw Androgynie and Mirrorball on clearance for $1.99 I snatched those bad boys up! When I got to the register the clerk informed me that Mirrorball was incorrectly marked and should be regular price, not clearance (BOOO).  But at least I finally got my Androgynie after all these years! And cheap too.

Orly Androgynie SwatchI suspected that Androgynie would be kind of sheer.  It’s black base looks a little transparent and jelly-ish… so I decided to wear it over one coat of Mentality Opaque Black.  After my black was down, I applied only one coat of Androgynie which worked just fine.  Something I noticed about this color though- the glitter sinks in the bottle.  So I actually had the bottle upside for 24 hrs before I wore it.

I’m glad I picked this color up finally.  It’s dark n sparkly, and reminds me of outer space!

What are you wearing right now?

July Nail Challenge Announcement- OMD3NAILS

OMD3NAILS HEADERWelcome to our 3rd annual July nail art challenge called Oh Mon Dieu! The OMD Part 3 is a 31 day international nail challenge with prizes. Each year it gets bigger and better!  Don’t worry if you’ve never tried a challenge before because anyone with a passion for nail art can join our OMD!  Basically, for each of the 31 daily designs that you complete you earn a chance to win a prize in the end. In August we’ll pick 5 lucky winners from different areas of the world. The winners will be selected at random- no judging! Are you ready for some nail art excitement this July? Here’s how it works-


We have 31 days of nail prompts in July. You don’t have to start on day 1 and you don’t have to do every day. You can jump in whenever you can. But it’s definitely fun to do them in order if you can! If you have any questions about these prompts, don’t hesitate to contact one of the OMD3 hosts- Brijit from Brijits Digits, Jacqui from Craftynail, Jemma from Eeeek! Nail Polish! and Lindsay from Nail That Accent! Here are the themes….



1) Paint your nails starting July 1st 2015 and post pics of them on your blog or social media account.

2) Enter your manicure via our easy inlinkz which will be posted on the upcoming OMD3 Reference Page from the main menu of our blogs.

3) After you enter each day’s manicure on OMD3 Reference Page then click the rafflecopter on that page for a chance to win a prize in the end.


We will be giving away 5 prizes at the end. The prize winners will be chosen at random. But the more daily prompts you do, the more chances you have to win! Someone who enters one of the daily prompts will have only 1 raffle entry, where an entrant who does all 31 days will get 31 chances to win! The 5 winners will be chosen from different areas in the world on August 7th, 2015.  We will pick one winner from the USA, one from Canada, one from the UK, one from the rest of Europe (not the UK), and one winner from the ‘Rest of the World’. Example– if you live in London, essentially you’ll only be competing in a pool of entrants from the UK.

Each manicure you complete will earn you one raffle entry, but make sure to enter the raffle for your part of the world!! Since there will be 5 raffles going on, it’s important to click the one for the area you live in. Each raffle will be clearly marked on our reference page. Here’s what we’re giving away-


The challenge starts on July 1st 2015. The inlinkz and raffles open up on that day. The last daily prompt is July 31st, yet we will keep the challenge open until August 5th. We’re giving everyone an extra 5 days in case there’s a few prompts you missed and need some time to catch up. The 5 winners will be chosen on August 7th 2015 and will be notified via email.


  • DO check our OMD3 Reference Page on July 1st which will have all the upcoming inlinkz codes & raffles so you can enter your first manicure.
  • DO spread the word by sharing our infographics on your online accounts.
  • DO get creative with your nail art! Anything goes- acrylic paints, stickers, stamping, glitter, etc.
  • DON’T just do a swatch. Sorry, but just painting your nails one color doesn’t count. You must add another element like some nail art, an accent nail, a glitter topper, studs or stickers, etc. to qualify.
  • DO use hashtag #omd3nails in your social media accounts.
  • DO join in even if you find out about OMD3 in the middle of the month. If you join late you can start on that corresponding day’s prompt, or you can start at the beginning if you’d like.
  • DO only one manicure per prompt. If you love the color TEAL you aren’t allowed to do 3 teal entries that day to earn 3 raffles. You can only earn a maximum of one raffle per daily prompt.
  • DON’T feel like you can only join if you have a blog. We encourage everyone with a social media account to enter (instagram, facebook, tumblr, etc.) But please make sure your profile is open so everyone can see your nail pics. If your photo link is broken or won’t display then your entry will be removed.
  • DON’T cheat! We will verify all raffle entries, so don’t even try!  All raffle entries will be verified and bad inlinkz entries will be deleted.
  • DON’T recycle old manicures. Old nail art designs will be disqualified. You must enter brand new manis (specifically designed for our challenge) to earn a raffle.

And lastly, DO contact any of us if you have questions! You can check out last year’s gallery of designs here. We had over 2000 entries last year. We’re happy to say that we have fresh new prompts and even more prizes this year! We really hope you join us. Oh mon dieu, this will be fun!


Brijit from Brijits Digits

Jacqui form Craftynail

Jemma from Eeeek! Nail Polish!

Lindsay from Nail That Accent!

Quick Update

Two things to discuss.  First- what I’m wearing on my nails today!  Some crackle polish from Pure Ice called Flash.  I got this on sale at a dollar store I think. The brush is so small, it’s kinda hard to apply.  And it bled with my reddish coral base color, Aloha From OPI.  The Pure Ice dried thick and bumpy and it devoured my seche vite topcoat.  Also, it sort of looks like a bloody halloween mani, right?

pure ice crackle

Second- this weekend we’ll be posting the themes and prizes for our 3rd annual Oh Mon Dieu challenge!  We plan to publish the info on saturday nite so stay tuned if you’re thinking of joining our July challenge.

See you soon!

OPI Hawaii Swatch – Lost My Bikini in Molokini

Of the entire OPI Hawaii Collection this one color is my fave- Lost My Bikini in Molokini.

OPI Lost My Bikini SwatchLost my Bikini in Molokini is what you’d call a blurple.  It’s so saturated and intense too! Shown in my pics is two coats and top coat.

Lost My Bikini in Molokini Some of the new OPI colors have really long names right?  Lost My Bikini in Molokini is a lot to type out I think.

OPI Hawaii SwatchHave you picked up any of the OPIs in this collection ?

Hawaiian Shark Nails!

The weather is warming up here in NY and it’s starting to feel like summer!  I wanna go swimming, work on my tan and drink Twisted Tea!  Doesn’t that sound awesome?  Whoever invented jobs should be shot. Or maybe I should get one of those jobs that gives you the summers off?  Well, at least I can thank God for weekends!

Anyway, I got my hands on some of those new OPI Hawaii colors, and I did some water-themed nail art to match my summer mood.

shark nail art  I started with Nailtiques nail strengthener (which is really working good- my nails are getting long again!) and then I did two coats of a blue duochrome from the OPI Hawaii collection called This Color’s Making Waves.  This blue is awesome because from some angles it looks aqua blue, and in others it looks teal green.  And there’s also little sparkles in it! I was enjoying the color and I almost stopped there, but I went ahead and did some sharks on top. I used Rica Robin’s Egg Blue and my Cheeky CH38 plate to make the sharky pattern.  It’s so fun and random to have my sharks on my nails.  I like it!

 OPI Hawaii Shark NailsThis Colors Making Waves Nail Art

I hope I can get out today and do something fun in the sun.  What do you have goin on this weekend?  Any plans??

Vacation Nails

Craftynail.com has been pretty quiet for the last week or so.  But for good reason, I was on vacation!  I went to Oregon to visit my bff and I had a blast!  We hit up the beach, sang some karaoke, soaked up the sun, partied hard and stayed up late.  My kinda vacay!

When I go on vacation I’m always like, “OMG what am I gonna wear on my nails?”  I don’t want chips, but I want my nails to look cute while I’m jetsetting.  My answer to this? Incoco nail appliqués.  Nail wraps are great for travel since they don’t chip quickly like regular nail polish.  Today I’m showing you two of the five designs from the new Incoco Minimalist collection that was released on March 31st, 2015.

Here I’m wearing Prelude which is a neutral beige with a slim black strip running down the side-
Incoco_Prelude_MinimalistAnd here is my girlfriend Jenna wearing Echo, a black and white design that varies from nail to nail.  I like the mix-matchiness of this pack-

Incoco_minimalist_collection_echoYou can see all 5 Minimalist designs here at incoco.com.

That’s all I got for you today!  Now that I’m back in NY I’ll get back into the swing of things so I’ll have some funky nail art for you real soon.  And also, we’ll be posting some more info on our big July nail challenge. See ya !

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SinfulColors Skylark

Today I’m sharing a swatch of one of my mom’s favorite nail colors: Skylark from SinfulColors. This is her go-to color and she has a spare backup bottle just in case. There’s just something about this apricot color that’s light and bright, very flattering against the skin, and pretty much coordinates with everything. But for some weird reason I’ve never worn Skylark before! So when SinfulColors give me the opportunity to review some polishes I knew I had to try this one out! Although Skylark is an oldie, they are rereleasing it as part of their summer collection. If you get the chance you should try this one out!  Check out my swatch…

SinfulColors_Skylark Skylark Skylark Swatch

I love Skylark. Like mother, like daughter I guess! Thanks for reading. Talk to ya later.

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