Eeeek-inspired red flame nails

Today is Eeeek’s birthday!  Eeeek is the hilarious blogger named Jemma that does picture-perfect nails over at Eeeek! Nail Polish!  She’s one of my good friends so this post is dedicated to her.  I say we’re good friends, but the truth is, we’ve never actually met.  We live on different continents, but we are good friends online, and I’m convinced that if we lived near each other we’d be meeting up for happy hour later, we’d get tipsy, bitch about work and I’d give her a fabulously expensive birthday present. But since that’s not happening.. Jem- please accept this lame bday post instead. hahaha!!!

I chose one of Jem’s nail designs to re-do in her honor.  I picked this stunning fiery red flame design of hers here.  She used China Glaze Ruby Pumps but I don’t have that so I’m wearing Butter London Chancer.  I used AVON Platinum Petal and Cheeky plate CH52 for my stamped flames.  My stamp is different but pretty close to hers.

butter london chancer nail art butter london chancer red flames fiery red nails
A few other girls are doing Eeeek-inspired nails today too. Check them out below and if you wanna join in, please do. Jem would love it, I’m sure.

Happy birthday girlfriend!  Hope Mr. Eeeek spoils you rotten!

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Animal Print OMG Strips for #TheBeautyBuffs

What’s the easiest way to get animal print nails? Nail strips! Today I’m reviewing a brand of nail wraps that I’ve never used before called OMG Nail Strips.  OMG is located in New York State which is cool for me, since I’m a NY stater too! These strips were sent to me for review and I had a hunch I’d like them since they aren’t stickers, they’re more like stretchy nail polish strips. Since I was in the mood for something wild I browsed their animal print section and narrowed it down to this pattern called Dark Cheetah. So let’s see what they look like on the nail!

dark cheetah strips Craftynail dark cheetah strips dark cheetah OMG Nail StripsIn this pack there’s 2 sets of 7 different sizes, for a total of 14 strips.  I had no problem with sizing… I felt like it was easy to locate strips that fit perfectly.  They really were a breeze to apply.  I timed it, and it took 18 minutes to do all ten nails.  OMG recommends topcoating the strips, but my photos were taken without topcoat.  The sun was setting and I wanted to quickly take some shots before the sun disappeared behind the mountains!  But I did apply a topcoat a bit later, and these have been wearing well.  I’m on day three and they aren’t peeling up at all.  My tips show a bit of tip wear, similar to when I wear nail polish.  But all in all, I’m loving these strips!  Between the wearability, ease of application and varied selection of designs….  I would definitely recommend these.   I have gotten a lot of compliments on them too.  People are like how’d you do that with your nails? But of course- no one ever asks me how I did my hand-painted nails!!  Hmph!  I tell ya!

OMG offers a bunch of cool halloween designs too… one of which I will be showing you very soon called Pink Scream.  Here’s their halloween selection if you’d like to peruse.  Want a coupon code?  OMG is currently offering a 5 for $25 promotion with coupon code “5pack” and a 10 for $45 with the coupon code “10pack” on their website:  Or follow OMG on facebook for more cool manicure ideas:

Now let’s see what the other Beauty Buffs are featuring for our ANIMAL PRINT week….


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Orchid Splash from AVON

If you read my blog you’ll see that I’m always going on and on about how much I love my AVON nail polishes.  Well, now that I sell AVON I can get them at a big discount.  Dangerous!  I have to stop myself from buying all the nail polish!  But I did pick up one new bottle recently (cough, cough, I’ve actually picked up several).  When I spotted this beauty in my brochure it hit me that I don’t even own one solitary radiant orchid polish! When my blogger group called The Beauty Buffs posted a feature about the Pantone Color of the Year I had to actually borrow an orchid from my mom (zoya perrie).  I have close to 500 bottles of nail polish and no orchid.  That’s pretty dumb – I’m glad I took care of that with my avon discount.  So today I’ve got a swatch for you of Nailwear Pro+ in Orchid Splash.  I’ve been on a roll with it… as I’ve already used it in two of my halloween nail designs here and here.

AVON orchid splash orchid splash swatchI’ve included a couple shots of it since it looks more pink in the sun and more purple in the shade.  Similar to most of my avon creams… it has a great fluid formula which is fairly opaque and requires two coats.  It wears well.  Oftentimes I find that my AVON Nailwear Pro+ polishes chip less than my pricey OPIs.

You can purchase this polish at my e-store (if you’re in the US) or from your local avon lady.  Right now they’re on sale for only $3.49 a piece.

What’s your go-to radiant orchid shade??

Pretty Pink Pumpkin Nails

One of our themes for the OCT #NAILlinkup is PUMPKIN and I wanted to do something really pretty.  Just google ‘pink pumpkins’ and you will be blown away by all the pretty! So here’s my go at non-traditional pumpkins.  I did throw some orange in there for good measure, but also some orchid, light pink and bronze!

pretty pink pumpkin nails pretty pumpkin nails pumpkin nailsLater this week I’ll have to show you a swatch of this orchid color I keep wearing.  It’s too pretty!  And surprisingly, orchid seems to go so well with so many other colors!

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Easy Zoya Cassedy Nail Art

This is my kinda nail art- simple, yet striking.  An effortless design like this is perfect for a busy mid-week mani, and is also easy to do on both hands.  What’s not to love about that?  I’m wearing two coats of Zoya Cassedy and some simple nail art using a dark blue AVON Gel Finish nail polish called Inked Up. I applied the blue with two quick swipes of my striper brush, then filled in the empty space with the regular old avon bottle brush. The whole mani took literally 15 minutes from start to finish.

Zoya Cassedy zoya Cassedy simple nailartI got Cassedy a year ago- It’s part of the winter Zenith Collection that Zoya came out with in 2013.  But I never tried it until now.  Reviews said that it had a green tone to it, but my bottle looked silver and since I have several silvers I kinda pushed it to the back of my stash.  But now that I have it on my nail- I totally see what they’re saying about the green quality!  I really like the charcoaly teal shade- it’s kinda sexy.  One thing I noticed about my bottle though… it has a defect or something.  See the circular shape in my pic below?  i thought it was a bubble in my polish, but I shook it up and it was still there.  I think the glass bottle has an imperfection.  I mean, it’s not a big deal. I’m just sayin. ;)

zoya bottle

Favorite Indie for #naillinkup

I feel like I don’t have a lot of indie polishes… so I counted them this morning.  Apparently I have 51 of them.  Which is way more than I thought!  Some of my faves in my stash are my Brijits Digits indies because well, she’s a very good friend of mine, but also because her hand blended polishes are tres sophistiques! Like Rasbie Cosmo which is a sexy raspberry color with blue shimmer running through it.  So for this week’s NAIL LINKUP prompt for October, FAVORITE INDIE, I paired Rasbie Cosmo with some blurple colors to accentuate it’s blue shimmer that I love so much.

brijits digits indie nail art rasbie cosmo rasbie cosmo nail art rasbie cosmo indie nailsI have some nail strips I want to review for the blog, but I can’t resist keeping this nail art on for a few more days! The raspberry and purple color scheme is really doin it for me.

Let’s see what other favorite indies are out there in our Linkup.  If you have a fave indie polish you can add your link to our gallery too!  This prompt does not require nail art, you can just post a swatch if you want.  Here’s the Oct N.A.I.L. info!

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