I am not a fashionista, but if I ever get down to 120 lbs then that might change.  I’ll keep ya posted.  But as far as fashion designers go, I’m most interested in the ones that are easily accessible and affordable.  Like the Simply Vera line.  I found inspiration for today’s nails on Vera Wang’s blog.  She posted about summer 2014 essentials and this outfit called to me:  I would definitely wear this tank top, especially since I could pair it with my new white crops.  I never thought I’d wear white bottoms, but the pair I got this summer has been getting a lot wear-time so far.  I quite like this Vera floral tank.  And it’s on sale at Target right now for $17.99.  So let’s see my coordinating nails !

fashion inspired vera wang floral nails simply vera vera wang inspired nailart by CraftynailThe colors I’m wearing are

  • Zoya Belinda (dark purple)
  • OPI Dutch ‘Ya Just Love OPI? (medium purple)
  • Brijits Digits Vampy (raspberry)
  • Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud (off-white)

Gah!  I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of the OMD2!  Don’t forget, you have til August 5th to get in any last minute manis.  Then we’ll pick our five winners.  That’s my favorite part of the challenge!

july OMD2 nail challenge

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BEACH INSPIRED for #thebeautybuffs

Hey everyone!  Man, I am on a roll with all the ‘inspired by’ nails this July!  I am at the tail end of the big Oh Mon Dieu July Nail Challenge that I’m hosting…. only two more nail designs to post for that!  And now I have another inspired post for you as part of The Beauty Buffs group that I’m in.  The Beauty Buffs is comprised of a bunch of talented beauty bloggers who collaborate bi-weekly on beauty trends.  The trend this week is BEACH INSPIRED so I put together a cool little collage of some of the beachy nails that I’ve done so far!

beach nails by craftynailDon’t miss the other beachy looks from my fellow Beauty Buffs below….

the beauty buffs m

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NATIONAL PRIDE for #omd2nails

I am very proud to be an American!  I thank my lucky stars that I was born here in New York State, so close to one of the best cities in the entire world! So I thought I’d show you my american pride by wearing an iconic american image.  Which also happens to be located in NYS- the Statue Of Liberty !

statue of liberty nails lady liberty nails closeup hello new york lady liberty nails enchanted polish new york nails
I love how these nail came out! I can’t believe I didn’t mess up my lady liberty! All my nails have two coats of piCture pOlish Chillax, and then I painted my accent nails with OPI Black Onyx and a striper brush. My glittery nails are also covered with a few coats Enchanted Polish Hello New York. That polish is fantastic- it’s so perfectly new yorkie and it has total wow factor!
I hope you love my New York nails! Don’t miss the other patriotic manis below…

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BRIDAL nails for #omd2nails

I’m excited for today’s OMD2 prompt- BRIDAL.  I’ve never attempted bridal nail before, but there are so many pretty options.  I started out using a nail polish that really stands out in my stash as a wedding-themed polish. It’s from Orly and it’s called Kiss The Bride.  Kiss the Bride is a very light pink that’s mostly white, and it needed 4 coats- yikes!  But I guess it’s worth it since it’s a beautiful feminine shade.  Then I did a white gradient on the tips because I feel like french manis are very traditional and classy, perfect for a wedding.  The next embellishments gave me a hard time, but I pulled it all together in the end!

bridal style nailart orly kiss the bride nails bridal nailart omd2nailsYa know those nail stamping plates that have french tip designs on them instead of full-nail designs?  Well, I always steered clear of them because I figured they would be difficult to position perfectly on the nail.  Well, my predictions were correct!  It tried to stamp a gold filigree french strip near the base of my nail for a reverse french look- but each and every stamp was in a different spot.  It looked really dumb and my Golden-I polish from Sally Hansen didn’t show up well at all.  So I dabbed some more Kiss The Bride over top of it to camouflage it.  Grrrrreat.  Now I have 5 coats of that color.  LOL. But because it’s sheer I could still see a bit of the stamping shining through, so then I handpainted something over top to cover it up.  My freehand gold design looks pretty cute I think.  I also added some bling bling stones to jazz it up and then some seche vite to lock it all down.

I wonder what I would wear on my nails if I ever get married!? I over-think my designs for the most insignificant events- so my own wedding?  Oh, I could probably contemplate that one for a good month.  I’d probably put more time and attention into that than the actual wedding plans! ahahaaa


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