SinfulColors Valentine’s Day Collection

sinfulcolors valentine collectionWho’s ready for Valentine’s Day nails?  If you’re into pinks, reds and hearts then you’ll enjoy the new SinfulColors collection called Flirt With Hearts.  There’s 8 nail colors in this romantic collection including a creamy teal and one special edition glitter topper called Love Sprinkles.  Today I’m reviewing four of the Flirt With Hearts polishes so let’s take a look at them….

First up is Daredevil.  This hot pink polish has something special– purple microshimmer.  I think this is my favorite of the four.  It reminds me of the 80’s for some reason.  Maybe I had a color like this when I was younger?  I’m not sure, but a sassy pink like this will always have my heart!  In these photos I’m wearing three easy coats.  Two almost did the trick but I needed a third to cover up a bit of lingering VNL.

sinfulcolors daredevil swatch


sinfulcolors daredevil Next up is GoGo Girl.  GoGo Girl is a candy-apple red.  It’s one of those reds that looks magenta when you apply just one coat.  But after the second coat it turns to true red. This color looks good on me, and nice and shiny too.  Can’t go wrong with red hot nails for Valentines Day.

sinfulcolors gogo girl

GoGo Girl

sinfulcolors gogo girl swatch24/7 is another show stopping pink.  This cream polish is bright, but also has that sweet Barbie-pink quality to it.  A nice basic girly color to add to your collection.  When I applied 24/7 I made some bald spots where my brush dragged over the nail so I needed three coats for opacity.

sinfulcolors 247


sinfulcolors 247 swatch

Last we have Love Sprinkles.  I’m glad I was able to get my hands on this glitter topper. I mean, it has heart shaped glitter, people!  I just love fun polishes like this.  Love Sprinkles has tiny white circular glitter, medium sized light pink hexes, and big white hearts.  As you’d expect, you need to fish a little bit to get the hearts out.  All I did was continually dip my brush in the bottle until I picked up a heart, then I swept it over my nail. In these photos I’m wearing two coats over black.

sinfulcolors love sprinkles

Love Sprinkles

sinfulcolors love sprinkles swatch If you can get your hands on the limited-edition Love Sprinkles I’d snatch it up! For that price, you’d be hard-pressed to find another special glitter like that.

This collection will be available in February 2015 for $1.99 each at Rite Aid, Walgreens and other mass retailers. Follow SinfulColors on social media for more info-





*These products were provided to me for review.

Winter Dazzlers Winner!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I just picked the winner of my winter giveaway! Congrats to Vicki S. who entered my giveaway last week via twitter.  She’s the lucky winner of AVON goodies including 2 of the new Dazzlers glitter topcoats!  Once Blizzard Juno clears the area I will get that sent right out.  Perfect time to mail my winter giveaway prize, don’t you think? Amidst the year’s biggest winter storm #Blizzard2015 !

Thank you to everyone who entered!  I really wish I could mail avon nail polish to everyone.

winter nail giveaway at craftynail

Now that January is almost over I feel like the winter nail trends are coming to an end.  Time to look towards romantic valentines looks and cute spring colors.  Stay tuned to the blog since I have some cute vday collections to show you.  Bring on the pink !

Acetone Tips

When I first started dabbling in nail art, one thing that eluded me was acetone. What kind do I buy, how does acetone differ from nail polish remover, and how do I clean my brushes?  Well since then, I’ve learned a few things so I’d like to share with you what acetone-related products I like and some tips on how to use them.

Acetone Tips from Craftynail


A good nail polish remover for everyday use: I used to use store brand, no-name brand remover to take my nail polish off.  But I’ve realized that 99% of the time, it sucks.  In the last couple years I have fallen in love with Cutex brand and it’s all I use now.  I’m sure there are other kinds that work great, I just seem to love cutex (my mom agrees with me too) and it’s easy for me to find in stores.  My recommendation?  Basically, just don’t use no-name brands.  Spend the extra dollar and get a name brand.  You’ll be happy you did.

Pure Acetone:  I use acetone to clean up around my cuticles, and also to clean nail polish off my nail art brushes. It works better than regular old nail polish remover.  Acetone doesn’t have other added ingredients like nail polish remover does so it’s perfect for clean up.  Here’s the acetone I use (from walmart):

Glitter Removal:  There are various techniques for removing nail glitter.  One popular one is the foil method - but I think that’s a hassle. What works for me is one of those ‘dip-your-finger-in-a-jar” things.  You may be thinking NO, those are gross and don’t work well.  Don’t get me wrong, I have had issues with those jars in the past.  You know, the ones where you stick your finger in and twist it around and the sponge takes off your polish?  They totally grossed me out because the sponge gets stained and it rubs old manicure colors all over your nails. Never use one of them on red nail polish or you’ll be wearing it again next time.  Ew. Well, the one that I use now is totally different! The kind I get is called ONYX from Walmart but target sells a similar one too. There’s a few different kinds out there- but the plastic jar should say something like ‘to remove artificial nails’ or ‘to remove gel polish’ or ‘to remove glitter polish’.  What makes this work so well?  They have a high percentage of acetone content, but also- instead of a sponge, it has little plastic spikes.  You dip your finger in and out repeatedly and the little spiky nubs remove your polish like a dream. And there’s minimal staining since there’s no sponge.  I love this stuff for taking off glitter.  I NEVER mess with the foil method now that I have this product.  It’s also handy for when your nails are all painted and you mess ONE finger up.  Just dip and twist and there’s no risk of getting acetone on the other fingers.  LOVE THIS STUFF-

glitter removal

A good clean-up brush:  A good brush will help you clean up your cuticles if you have a shaky hand or if you don’t ‘paint in between the lines’ from time to time.  A clean-up brush is also essential for messy techniques like water marble.  The clean up brush I use is called a Debra Lynn Professional French Manicure Clean-Up Brush found here. You can use it to make perfect smile lines for french manis, but it’s also perfect for cleaning up around your cuticles. I dip my brush in acetone and clean up any mistakes I made. Then I let it air dry.  From time to time I rinse it with warm water to wash off the acetone in between uses.  And sometimes I like to ‘condition’ the bristles by rubbing a little cuticle oil on them.  I’ve been using this brush for at least a year now and it’s holding up well-

nail art cleanup brush


Avoid drying out your skin: Acetone has a nasty reputation for drying out your skin.  Here’s how I combat this.  Before I use nail polish remover or acetone I like to moisturize.  I’ll use hand cream, or preferably something greasy like olive oil.  It will soak into your skin and will decrease the amount of acetone that absorbs into your pores and cuticles.  I thought of this because of something a lifeguard told me once.  She said that the chlorine in the pool won’t soak into your hair follicles if you get your hair wet before you jump in the pool.  Well, this is the same concept… except with oil and acetone.  Give it a try!

Acetone dish:  If you’re going to do nail art using nail polish you’ll need to clean your brushes often.  Polish dries and gunks up on the bristles rather quickly, so you’ll want a nice little glass dish to keep some acetone in for a quick dunkaroo in between painting fingers.  Some people pour pure acetone into little glass dishes, or even a shotglass would work.  Since I try to preserve my acetone and make it last as long as possible, I found that a little glass jar with a lid works well for me.  I pour a little bit of acetone into the jar (maybe a tablespoon’s worth).  And after I’m done using it, I screw the lid on and save it for next time.  Once it mostly evaporates or gets too dirty from dark polishes, I simply wipe it out with a paper towel or cotton ball and it cleans up perfectly.  The glass jar I use was from my Garnier brand Gel Moisturizer.  It’s the perfect little jar!  Besides, it’s good to reduce, re-use, recycle! Here’s a shot of how easy it is to wipe clean-

glass acetone dish

I hope you found something helpful in here.  Please leave a comment if you have any tips you want to share too.  Stay crafty and see you next time!

Newspaper Nails Tutorial

Our monthly nail challenge called Nail Art Ideas Linkup has some really fun themes for January, one of which is an all-time fave of mine- NEWSPAPER NAILS!  If you haven’t tried newspaper nails YOU NEED TO!  It’s one of those classic at-home nail art techniques for beginners.  It’s cute, crafty and relatively easy and people will be left wondering how you did that on your nails.  I first heard of this technique from cutepolish who did this great youtube video here. But I also put together a pictorial tutorial for you.  Pictorial tutorial?  Say that five times fast!  Here are the simple steps to do your own newspaper nails-

newspaper nails tutorial by craftynail

  1. Paint your nails with white or light grey nail polish.
  2. Wait for your white nails to dry then start out by dipping one of your nails in rubbing alcohol for ten seconds.  Submerging your nail in alcohol softens the white nail enamel and makes the newspaper ink stick to your nail.  The rubbing alcohol I use is affordable no-name brand from Walmart and the container says “70% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol”.
  3. Next, while your white nail is wet with alcohol, apply a small piece of newspaper to your nail and press down for ten seconds so the ink can stick to the white polish. You may find it helpful to have your newspaper clippings ready to go before you start this step. For the nails in my tutorial I used little clippings from the classified section.
  4. Gently peel the newspaper off your nail.  The ink should be imprinted on your nail! Finish with a glossy topcoat.  Or a matte topper would look nice too.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!  Here’s some photos of my finished newspaper nails….

newspaper nail art newspaper nails by craftynail newspaper nails


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Shimmer Polish Julie

Do you have a hard time deciding on what to wear on your nails during special events?  It makes no sense that I can come up with nail art designs on a daily basis, but then when I need to attend a wedding I cannot make a decision!  I woke up wicked early in the AM so that I had plenty of time to do my nails.  Who does that? Only us crazy nail girls. I spent all this time doing a border mani with some stamping.  But then ended up feeling lukewarm about it, so after an hour and a half of work, I took it off. Mind you, I will probably only spend 5 minutes on my makeup, yet my nails need hours and hours.  My priorities are tad bit mixed up, but you can empathize, right?  After removing my border mani and being back at stage one, I asked myself WHAT IS THE PRETTIEST POLISH I OWN?  And the answer came quickly – SHIMMER POLISH.  All my Shimmers are glitzy, glam, glittery and gorgeous.  The quadruple G!   I haven’t tried my bottle of Shimmer Julie yet (it was kindly provided for review) so I applied a few coats of it over top of OPI You’re Such a Budapest.  I skipped the glitter on my pinkie and did a cool Bundle Monster stamp design with some rhinestones.  I love a pinkie accent nail.

So, in the wee hours of the morning this is the manicure I came up with…

Julie Shimmer Polish Shimmer Polish Julie Swatch Shimmer Polish Julie

Glitter nails hold up well without chipping, so I think this is a great choice for a wedding weekend.  Can’t wait to see Josh and Melissa walk down the aisle!  Good times.  I gotta run and go get ready now.  I’m wearing a hot pink raspberry dress.  Which doesn’t totally match my nails, but glitter goes with everything, right??

Talk soon! xoxox

Cement The Deal from OPI’s Fifty Shades of Grey

This January OPI released their Fifty Shades of Grey Collection. I always get so excited to see the new OPI releases.  They’ve always got some cool theme that draws me in! (except that baseball collection yuck)  I rarely buy entire collections, but I always fall for their marketing ploys and feel compelled to buy at least one bottle from any given collection.  OPI released 6 colors in their Fifty Shades of Grey collection, mostly reds and greys, and this one color called Cement The Deal was beckoning me.  Cement The Deal is a medium grey cream with a hint of blue to it, almost like a dolphin grey.  I snatched that baby up so let’s take a look at my swatches-

Cement The Deal OPI Cement The Deal OPI 50 Shades of GreyThe formula was great and I applied two thin coats. However I found that I created a few bald spots when painting my second coat.  So I think next time I’ll go a little thicker on my second coat.  Other than that, the formula is what you’d expect from a good quality OPI.  Great color, right?  I think it’s a perfect cream for the office and for everyday wear.

I gotta say, I read the Fifty Shades trilogy, and even though I really enjoyed them… they didn’t turn me on at all.  Call me crazy, but I like when a guy treats me nicey nice, not tortures me and roughs me up.  That S&M stuff just doesn’t do it for me.  But even still, it was a page-turner and I couldn’t help from finishing the books pretty quickly.  I guess I really wanted to see how it all ended.  A big part of me wanted him to throw away the whips and chains and convert to a married teddy bear. And now I can’t get the image of Matt Bomer out of my head.  He is exactly how I picture Christian Grey!  I hope this Jamie Dornan guy looks the part.  I’ll hafta wait and see but I’m definitely goin to see the movie when it comes out in February.

What do you think of the whole 50 shades phenomenon?

I love my rubber duckie nails!

Is it spelled ducky or duckie?  I’ve seen it both ways.  Regardless, did you know that today January 13th is National Rubber Duckie Day?  When I was a little kid I had a favorite stuffed animal that was a little duck and I named it Ruckie Duckie and I brought him everywhere with me. Awwww, little Jacqui you were so cute.  So for today’s nails I handpainted a ducky and I paired him with some Pueen stamps that spell out the word LOVE.  Just in case it wasn’t clear….    I LOVE MY DUCKIE !

rubber duckie nail art yellow love ducky nails i love my rubber duckie nail art

OPI I Just Can’t Cope-acabana ♥ yellow base

Mentality Black Opaque ♥ stamping polish

AVON Nailwear Pro+ Licorice ♥ hand-painted rubber duckie

Pueen SE02A (Encore Set)  ♥ stamping plate

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