Textured nails for #TheBeautyBuffs

Hey polish lovahs!  I’m happy to have another Beauty Buffs post for you today.  Our group of beauty bloggers posts together every other wednesday and today we’re discussing TEXTURE INSPIRED looks.

As far as nail polish goes, textured polishes are one of my fave styles. For a few reasons. First off, textured nails have a really cool effect so you can wear them on their own (sans nail art) and still get a lot of wow factor.  Second, it’s the only kind of nail polish that I can put on before bed without a quick dry topcoat and not get sheet marks when I wake up.  I love that they are chunky and dry fast and don’t show a lot of flaws! Lastly, they are trendy right now and so easy to find in stores!  You can easily hit up any local drug store or market, head to the beauty aisle and find any number of textured polishes- pretty much every nail polish manufacturer makes some type of textured polish right now.

My fave way to wear textured polish is on a few nails.  Like maybe an accent nail, or incorporated into a skittlette or mix n match manicure.  So today I put together a gorgeous mixed mani using gold and purples.

purple and gold nails textured skittlette manigold textured nailsI’m wearing AVON Burnished Copper from their Brushed Metals collection.  This gold textured polish is pretty much a one-coater but I used two here.  I got this polish from my avon lady for $1.99.  Yup, that’s right!  The purple nails are Color Club Disco Dress with Revlon Charming stamped over top.  My stamp is from the new Pueen Encore set.  Then I made my purple nails matte with my Butter London matte topcoat.  This color combo came out very regal looking, don’t you think?

I’m looking forward to seeing all the other buffs’ textured looks.  Check them out below!

the beauty buffs m

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The Great Polish Giveaway winner!

Did you see who won The Great Polish Giveaway of 2014

Nail Polish Canada announced the winner on their facebook page last week.  In case you missed it, here it is: WINNER WINNER! on FB

Christina M. won the big prize and she’ll get some epic nail mail soon!  Can you believe that she won 200 bottles?  Christina runs her own blog too and she shares her excitement on her blog post here… you should check it out: madricka.blogspot.ca

I can’t wait to see her post an update once she receives the prize.  I can’t even fathom winning that many polishes!  Way to go Christina!

No mo MoYou London at Craftynail. And a poll about their SEO.

I finally broke down and bought the new Pueen Encore stamping plate set.  You know the one in the cool red fancy case?  I have been wanting to try new plates for a while now ever since I decided that I won’t use my MoYou London plates anymore.  MoYou London’s SEO ‘expert’ from Integrity Search contacted me (along with a bunch of other bloggers) asking me to remove all links to MoYou London’s site.  The email basically said something like– I am writing on behalf of my client MoYou London and can you please remove the following links… and then they gave a list of three posts where I provided my readers with the url to MoYou’s site.  I guess several of my my posts list MoYou London in the description of my nail art and I provide a link to their retail site in case anyone wants to view their product line.  I also had a coupon code for a while too, which they provided.  Additionally, MoYou London actually sent me some plates for review, so why would they now want me to remove the links to their site?  Especially when it was a positive review and my stamped nails looked pretty rad if I do say so myself?  The email was so vague, I didn’t know what to think.

Is this legit?  I almost thought the SEO email that I received was a scam.  So I mulled it over for a few days, and when I realized that several of my friends received a similar request, I wrote back to the SEO guy asking for more information about why they need me to remove url links that I posted on my site. When he never responded I decided to reach out to my contact at MoYou London.  In my opinion it was not fair for a customer service person to have to explain the SEO guy’s intentions.  If MoYou London paid this company for their SEO services, these consultants should be able to respond themselves, but this is besides the point.  MoYou London wrote back promptly but their response didn’t really make sense and was filled with untruths.  They tried to relay to me that my site has something wrong with it and maybe I was hacked, that I will have issues with other companies too, that I’m ruining their google ranking and that I must remove my links to their site as the SEO guy requested.  Well, that’s just cray because both craftynail and moyou london both have google rankings of 2.  And Craftynail has not been hacked!  Besides, which is more important?  Some inconsequential googly number, or your reputation with your customer base?  So I will not be promoting their products, buying their products, or using their products in my nail art any longer.  And, I will not go back to edit my posts that I previously wrote.  Sorry, but if I wrote something at one point in time, I can’t go back and change it.  That’s the whole point of a blog, it’s like a journal.  And, my content is MY content, and I won’t change it just because someone asks me to.  Plus, their email kinda hurt my feelings.  It was accusatory and they tried to make me feel like I did something wrong.  And why demand that I remove links?  Everyone knows you catch more flies with honey, so they could have been nicer in their request. In the end, I didn’t respond back, and I didn’t edit my website per their request.

So what do you think of MoYou London’s SEO practices?  If they haven’t contacted you then I can see why this won’t sway your opinions.  But if you got one of the SEO consultants’ curt emails, then you may be upset just like me.  Please answer my poll and tell me what you think!  If I find any funny business with my poll results I will remove it or deactivate it.

What do you think about MoYou London asking bloggers to remove their links in hopes of increasing their google ranking?

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Here are my new Pueen plates I was talking about.. I love the shiny red storage case!! And my first Pueen nail art …

pueen encore

pueen stamping grey nails grey lead light nailsPlease leave your comments below.  I haven’t read too much on the web about MoYou London’s actions, so I’d love to hear what you think.  Please be respectful.  Thank you !



Modern Mosaic Microbatch from Color Club

I have anther guest post review to show you.  You may ask, “what is a guest post review anyway?”

Well, my friend Lindsay from Nail That Accent! is a busy lady and has a lot on her plate right now, so I offered to review some polishes for her. The collections were sent to her for review, but I will review them on her behalf… and then we can share the results with both her readers, and my readers.  Everyone’s happy :).

Color Club Modern Mosaic CollectionYesterday I showed you the LCN Phantasia collection.  And soon I will have a fun review of solar nail polishes from Ruby Wing!  But today I have a unique line of polishes from Color Club up my sleeve. This limited series is called Modern Mosaic and it’s a texturey, matte glitter-type collection of special toppers that’s filled with tiny glass-like beads.  I didn’t want to swatch them on their own, because I don’t think they’re intended to be worn that way.  I found that they really come to life over another complementary color.  So please, head over to Nail That Accent! to see my review.  I’ve got pics galore, and some fun zebra nail art too.  Check it >>  MODERN MOSAIC REVIEW

love you to pieces zebra

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