ombre waves of grain and camera woes

I did this nail art for our OMBRE theme of the April #naillinkup.  Normally, ombre is not my favorite style.  I guess don’t have enough nail polishes to be able to find a different shade for each finger while still having all the colors coordinate.  So I went for an ombre style sponged effect with stamped waves over top.  I’m calling this ‘ombre waves of grain’ because it makes me think of the U.S. National Anthem.  Well actually, the correct lyrics are ‘amber waves of grain”, but ombre sounds cool too.

ombre wave nail artI started with black nail polish as my base.  Then I took a small piece of sponge and dabbed on varying amounts of some midnight blue, baby blue, and silver nail polishes onto each one of my nails.  I dabbed the least on my thumb, and by the time I got to my pinkie I was dabbing alot to achieve the ombre effect. Then I stamped black waves over top to make it more cohesive.  I contemplated turning it into a milky way ombre galaxy mani, but I didn’t out of laziness mostly. lol

ombre waves nailsIn other crafty news, my camera broke!!!!!!  That was stressing me out because I haven’t posted in a few days.  I kept getting memory card errors on my camera.  No matter what I did with my cards, it wouldn’t take a photo.  I swapped memory cards, formatted them, tried to clean them, and every time I turned on my Canon I got the same error.  So last nite I impulsively bought a new point and shoot.  I wish I knew more about photography, but I don’t.  I need simplicity and I think a DSLR may be too frustrating for me.  What’s the point in having all those fancy features if you don’t know how to use them?  So today I’m trying my new Canon PowerShot and I dunno…  I think the photos look grainier than before even though I went from 14 to 20 megapixel.  I might have to exchange it for a better model.  It’s just so hard to tell at a store because the models are locked in a case. You can research til the cows come home but then you get to the store to find totally different models than you anticipated.  If I want to swap it out I have 30 days to decide.  Any recommendations for a nail photography noob like me?

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Firmoo Glasses Review

I like to review nail-related products, but today I have something different to show you- my cute new eyeglasses from an online retailer called Firmoo!  I really believe that online shops like Firmoo can save you a ton of money on specticulars.  You like that?  My friend Amie came up with the word ‘specticulars’.  I have purchased glasses online before and it has saved my family a bunch of money, especially if you need corrective lenses and don’t have insurance.  Buying online is so much cheaper than buying them at the doctor’s office, and firmoo makes it easy.  You either type the numbers from your script into the firmoo site yourself, or you can attach a pic of your script and they’ll figure it out for you. That’s what I did to have stylish prescription glasses delivered right to my doorstep.  But what if you don’t have a script? You simply go to an affordable eye doctor to get an exam and then ask for a copy of the script they prescribe you.  They’ll try to sell you glasses in the office, but you can always decline since you plan to save money online.  Buaahahaaaa!

So do you want to see the glasses I picked out to review?

firmoo F1009 glassesThey are a tortoiseshell style #F1009.  I love the color blocking on this full-framed, oval cat eye design.  They’re very snazzy and I think the pop of color is kind of flirty.  Firmoo describes them as blue and tortoise, although I think the color leans more towards teal than blue. Whatever it is, it brings out the color in my eyes!

firmoo F1009 collage For me, eyeglasses are a fun way to accessorize! And I love my new firmoos. They’re part of my regular rotation of glasses now.  This pair is just my style, yet unique in my eyeglass repertoire.  Hmmmm.. which ones do I want to wear today?

Here’s a headshot of me in my new specs.  You can spy some bottles of nail polish in the background too. I know, how uncharacteristic of me. ;)

craftynail in firmooSo what do you get with your order? You get glasses, a nice case, a carrying pouch, a shammy-style cleaning cloth, and a tiny screwdriver kit on a keychain.  They ship quickly too.  My eye doctor’s office usually takes 2 weeks for glasses to come in and then I have to visit their office again to pick them up.  My glasses from Firmoo came in less time than that, believe it or not. And they were shipped right to my door.  I was a little scared that they’d sit crooked on my face, or wouldn’t fit properly, but I’ve had no problems at all.  I’m considering buying some sunglasses now.

firmoo glasses in caseIf you’d like to check out their selection of frames make sure to visit and also, FIRST TIME CUSTOMERS GET 50% OFF USING THIS LINK-  Yes siree, I really do love sharing discount codes. Happy spec browsing!

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Purple Rica Roses

I was on the market for some new stamping polishes a while back and I decided on Ricas.  I’m so glad I did.  The ones I got were mostly creamy spring colors and I can’t stop playing with them ! They’re nice and opaque so they’re perfect for stamping, but they’re also great as base colors and for other types of nail art.  Today I’m using the purple Rica called Sugar Plum Wings. I paired it with OPI Amazon…Amazoff because well, purple and green are a match made in heaven, right?

roses nailspurple rose nail art rica rose nailsI proved my theory tonight that I suck at painting roses.  I never really do them because I feel like I’m going to screw them up, but I figured I’d try them out for our #NAILlinkup SPRING FLOWERS prompt.  My flowers are messy, but I do think the busy stamped background helps distract from all that messiness. :)

In other news, I changed my profile picture!  I’m sure people got accustomed to that old pic of mine with the glasses, but I think my hair looked dark in that photo. Plus, I don’t wear my glasses all the time, so I wanted a new photo that looks more like me.  I added it to my ABOUT ME page and here’s a comparison of old vs new.  I think it will give you a better idea what my head looks like lol!

craftynailcrop round profile craftynail

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Sally Hansen Satin Glam Silk Onyx

I didn’t realize Sally Hansen had a Satin Glam line until I saw them on my Belgian friend’s blog last month.   Roaring Nails posted some pretty teal and purple swatches here if you want to check them out.  Only a few days after I spotted them online I stumbled across an array of them at Just A Buck.  A freakin dollar?  Yes, please.  I think maybe this Satin Glam line was released a year ago.  But they’re new to me!  I picked up two colors- Silk Onyx and a sheer opalescent pearl color called Crystalline. Today I’m swatching Silk Onyx.

sally hansen satin glam swatch satin glam silk onyx silk onyx satin glamSilk Onyx is a dark charcoal grey satin-finish polish with little shimmery glints of fuchsia and teal.  I only see the shimmer in certain lighting.  Otherwise, it just looks like a dark matte color.  The first coat seemed to dry slow, but I don’t know why, the second coat seemed fine and I’m pretty confident that I won’t get sheet marks when I go to bed soon.  It’s hard for moi to NOT use quickdry topcoat.  Fingers crossed this holds up to my tossing and turning.

I don’t know, I’m kind of on the fence with this dark color.  I’m not sure if I like it or not.  It’s a little blah for me.   But then again, I suppose it’s kind of sexy. I know one thing though- I’m gonna use it for my next dragon egg.  That will look fierce!

What do you think of this Sally Hansen?  Is this your kind of color?

Pink Foil Nails

The Beauty Buffs are back for our biweekly feature, and we have a cool theme today- ON WEDNESDAYS WE WEAR PINK! I never have been, and never will be a Mean Girl.  But I still love the movie, especially Lindsay Lohan when she was still cute and innocent, and I can definitely get behind Wear Pink Wednesdays.

I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and try a nail art technique that’s new to me.  The sweetie Nailinator sent me some nail foils a while back.  I tried one for valentines day and royally screwed it up, so I kind of mentally gave up on foils for a while.  But I’m back on the horse now!  Let’s see what I came up with…

black and pink foil nails pink foil nails pink nails for the beauty buffsOk, so not my best work.  But I’m glad that I got over my foil phobia.  Now that I have a little experience think I’ll do better next time.  I started with one coat of AVON Licorice for a black base color.  Then when it wasn’t quite dry I blotted the foil over top of it. But that pulled up some of the black base color.  So I waited some more, and then applied a little bit of fast drying clear polish here and there.  And when that was almost dry I laid the foil over top of the nail and lightly pressed.  Pressing worked way better than blotting.  The blotting is what gave it that mottled mashed up appearance.  But it still looks a’ight and I’ve been wearing it for three days now. I noticed this week when I’m counseling female students at work that they’re trying to listen to what I’m saying, but really they’re looking at my weird nail design like HUH? WHAT IS THAT PINK STUFF ON HER NAILS?  LOL

the beauty buffs mLet’s see what the other Beauty Buffs are wearing this wednesday-

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Royal Vendetta Dots

One of the nail art themes for our APRIL NAIL Linkup is APRIL SHOWERS.  Rain makes me think of blue, so I was eager try out my new bottle of AVON Gel Finish in Royal Vendetta. It’s a good basic blue- not too bright, not too dull, just a nice blue creme polish.  I used different sized dotting tools to add some dots in a lighter AVON shade called Vintage Blue.  I thought the little dots would sorta simulate rain drops.  Loose interpretation, I know.

But you can never go wrong with a cute dotticure!

april showers nails blue april nails royal vendetta dots nails

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Color trend nails- yellow and grey

I love yellow and grey together!  This color combo was trendy last year, but it’s still hanging on in 2015. I recently saw a grey and yellow tote in my upcoming AVON Mark brochure and it inspired me to try the look on my nails.  This nail art was super easy and quick too!

yellow and grey nail art light grey base color ☛ OPI Cement the Deal

dark grey accents ☛ OPI Dark Side of the Mood

yellow ☛ AVON Nailwear Pro+ in Saucy

yellow and grey nailsI’m really making good use of the OPI Fifty Shades of Grey collection that I won in a giveaway.  At first glance, the collection is sorta blah because it’s mostly grey.  But neutral colors like that are so versatile!  They’re office appropriate and good for everyday wear, but you can also pair them with bright colors for a bolder look.  I think these two OPI greys really set off the bright yellow in my manicure.  It’s a cool look and I really enjoy wearing simple yet striking nail art like this.

So that’s what I’m wearing on my nails today.  Hope you’re all having a nice weekend.  TTYL!

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