Made in America by Incoco

These are the nails I wore to the county fair this past summer.  This Incoco design is called Made In America.

I never get tired of Incoco nail appliques.  They always look awesome!  Also, I love how the largest nail strip in each pack fits my big toe perfectly, so when I do an Incoco manicure I can do a semi-pedi to match….

Incoco Made In America Made In America by IncocoWhat do I mean by a semi-pedi?  Well, Incoco gives you 8 different sizes of strips so I always have 3 sizes leftover.  I put a few of them on my toes and then paint my other toes with a complementary nail polish for a cute mix-n-match pedi that coordinates with my mani. You get more for your buck that way!  ‘Murica!

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OPI Just Lanai-ing Around

Yup, I know…I haven’t posted in a bit. But I’m here and I’m still kickin! Reason is, I got a little burnt out from our big July nail challenge! But I’m still painting my nails and I want to show you a color I was wearing last week. It’s OPI Just Lanai-ing Around from the Hawaii collection.  When I got the collection I wasn’t really feeling this color at all. The dusty pink shade just didn’t seem summery enough for me! But now that it’s cooling off I pulled this shade out because I think it has a more autumnal feel. Don’t you agree?

Just Lanai ing Around OPI OPI Hawaii Just Lanaiing Around

Just Lanai-ing Around is a dusty rose shade with a little hint of shimmer. But most of the shimmer got lost on the nail.  The formula of this one was a little weird. It was more runny than I expected. Yet, for a runny polish it was surprisingly opaque.  It was virtually a one-coater.  But it did flood my cuticles a bit as you can see in my pics.

What do you think of this OPI?  Boring? Or purty? I thought it was boring until I got it on my nails and then I kinda loved it!

Ruby Wing Sweet Rose

I love novelty nail polishes! So when the bookstore (I work at a University) had a 40% off sale I snatched up two Ruby Wing polishes which change color in the sun.  I grabbed a purple for my mom and a pink for me.  My mom LURVED the purple one, and I was impressed with my pink too! Mine’s called Sweet Rose . Let’s see what it looks like!

Sweet Rose Ruby WIng Ruby Wing Sweet RoseIt needed three coats to get good coverage which made it seem a lil goopy. But a nice coat of seche vite smoothed it all out.  Sweet Rose changed really well from light pink to magenta in the UV sun rays.  I was impressed.  I have a couple rubys that are duds. But this one was nice!

Do you own any of these?  They’re fun, especially in summer when ya spend alot of time outside.  Ciao my bellas!

Tropical Getaway from Incoco

Long time no blog, right?  I got a little burnt out and needed a break! In my two week hiatus I went with bare nails, creme nail polishes, and some incoco nail strips.  No nail art. I was keeping it effort-free.  But the incocos I’ve been wearing were hellacute so I just had to share these pics from a week ago!

tropical escape incoco incoco tropical getaway strips incoco tropical getaway nails incoco tropical getawayThese appliqués are from Incoco’s Tropical Escape summer collection and this particular design is called Tropical Getaway.  Aren’t they adorbz and super summery?

Now it’s making me sad to think summer is pretty much over!  Wish it could last forever.  Before I know it I’ll be shoveling snow.

If you’d like to see the rest of the Tropical Escape collection here’s a cute lil video.  What’s going on with those walking fingers? lol

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Polka Dot French

I don’t wear french manis often enough. And my favorite kinds are funky frenchies. Like dis-

Dotted French Polka Dot French Manicure Polka Dot French ManiI went for a yellow and blue polka dotted frenchie this time!

That’s all for today, I’m still recovering from our July Nail Challenge so I don’t feel like typing a lot.  But I have a guest post coming up soon over at Roaring Nails… and I have some product reviews to do. So I’ll be back in the swing before I know it.

Ciao my loves!

Winners of the #omd3nails challenge!


Thank you so much for all of the wonderful entries, the time you took participating, sharing, creating and enjoying the Oh Mon Dieu challenge! Can you believe it – we had almost 2000 verified raffle entries!  And now to wrap things up, the prize winners have been drawn! Also, If you’ve been following along with our challenge make sure to read through to the end where we list some fun stats on the OMD3!


For the CANADA Prize – Sandra

selected randomly by Rafflecopter for her Day 14 FISH nails on her blog: Finger Candy

For the UK Prize – Rhiannon

selected randomly by Rafflecopter for her Day 2 PEACH nails on her Instagram:

For the USA Prize – Cindi

selected randomly by Rafflecopter for her Day 18 LOVE nails on her Instagram:

For the “Rest of the WORLD” Prize – Diana

selected randomly by Rafflecopter for her Day 9 PATTERN nails on her Instagram:

For the Continental EUROPE Prize – Gercuj

selected by Rafflecopter for her Day 3 SILVER nails on her Instagram:


Ladies, we will be contacting you very shortly to get your addresses so we can send your prizes to you! Please respond within 72 hours (3 days), or the prize will be considered unclaimed and a new winner will be picked.

OMD3 Sketchy Title Winners Prizes


  • OMD3nails : 14 800 Google hits
  • OMD3 Nail art : 10 800 Google hits
  • #OMD3nails – used 2 861 times on Instagram (I can’t remember my Twitter password or figure out how to find these stats on Facebook!)
  • Top three Themes for Inlinkz Entries (most entries first) : 1. Teal, 2. Peach, 4. Black & Gold
  • Bottom three Themes for Inlinkz Entries (least entries first) : 31. #mynailsandmyperfume, 26. Peace, 28. Princess
  • Total Inlinkz Links : 2015 (ha, really!)
  • Total Inlinkz views : 42, 766
  • Inlinkz Stats (if you’re interested in seeing what the most popular themes were, for example…):
    Views Links
    1. Teal 1933 99
    2. Peach 1574 90
    3. Silver 1745 78
    4. Black & Gold 1804 88
    5. Colorful 1814 86
    6. Polka Dot 1929 85
    7. Glittery 1948 86
    8. V-Shape 1670 72
    9. Pattern 1711 75
    10. Floral 1805 84
    11. Leaves 2039 73
    12. Watermelon 1813 70
    13. Book 1652 60
    14. Fish 1980 60
    15. Cat 1806 66
    16. Fast Food 880 49
    17. Shoes 784 54
    18. Love 1017 66
    19. Lipstick 1143 51
    20. Jewels 1211 60
    21. Travel 1034 56
    22. Star Sign 815 53
    23. Under the Sea 1050 61
    24. Flames 1049 56
    25. Weather 952 54
    26. Peace 1023 45
    27. Wings 1095 50
    28. Princess 960 49
    29. #mynailsandmydrink 1113 50
    30. #mynailsandmybag 553 52
    31. #mynailsandmyperfume 864 37

Congratulations to all our winners! We hope you had a fun-filled July. Thanks for participating!



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