November prompts for #NAILlinkup

Happy Hallowe’en! The spooky season is nearly over, and so it’s time we let you in on our new themes for the November edition of our monthly Nail Art Ideas Linkup. Do one theme, do them all, or do them out of order. Our N.A.I.L. linkup challenge is flexible! So let’s take a look at our new prompts…

NAILlinkup Nov 2014 EN 480

Theme 1 - PANDAS Sadly, there are lots of animals that need our help. But pandas, thanks to their incredible cuteness, are one of the symbolic animals of vulnerable species everywhere. Show your support to our furry friends with some panda nail art!

Theme 2 - GEOMETRIC Still a hot trend in nail art! Geometric nails can be done in so many different ways, you can use striping tape, a nail art pen, a decal, sticker or wrap… Surprise us!

Theme 3 - DREAMCATCHERS A Native American tradition, the dream catcher is said to trap bad dreams in the night, and only let good ones through. The bad dreams then turn to dust in the light of day. We like to think that they might work even better if they’re on your nails, too!

Theme 4 - MUSIC Whether you want to find inspiration in a favourite song, genre or instrument, or show us what music means to you for the last prompt in November!

How to Enter the November N.A.I.L.

  1. Paint your nails using the suggested theme.
  2. Post your pics on your blog, instagram, tumblr, etc.
  3. Enter your post into our inlinkz below so everyone can see your pics.





Do one of the weekly themes, or do them all. It’s up to you! The dates for each week are only suggestions- you can post your nails whenever you want in November and you don’t have to do them in order. We encourage everyone to join in no matter what platform you use- blog, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. Don’t forget to share your nail pics via the inlinkz. These inlinkz will be open all month for entries. You can use hashtag #NAILLINKUP on your social media and please feel free to share our graphic.

OPTIONAL FOR BLOGGERS- these links will take you to the code to add the Inlinkz to your blog page! Pandas, Geometric, Dreamcatchers, Music

NAIL ART IDEAS LINKUP is hosted by Brijits Digits, Craftynail, Eeeek Nail Polish! and Nail That Accent!. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all! You can also read more info about our monthly linkup on our blog links below. We look forward to seeing your nails this November!

happy painting,

Brijit from Brijits Digits

Jacqui from Craftynail

Jemma from Eeeek! Nail Polish!

Lindsay from Nail That Accent!


Happy Halloween Dry Marble

Happy halloween to all you trick or treaters!  I just joined Weight Watchers last saturday, so this year I’m more of tricker than a treater.  No candy for me! Just keep it away. It usually bums me out when we get ZERO trick or treaters at my house, because I have very fond memories of being a kid and hiking up and down my road collecting candy.  One year my neighbor wasn’t home and left a box of full-size snickers bars!! He left a note to take just one, and I was a good girl and did just that.  The catholic guilt would never have allowed me to take more than one snickers.  But a full-size candy bar? Score.  And one lady down the road would always have a giant bowl filled with money and treats.  She would bilndfold you, and you’d take this spoon and get a big scoop.  I was always hoping to pull out a folded $5 dollar bill… but mostly I just got coins and tootsie rolls. :)   Anyway,  I’m actually thankful that we don’t get trick or treaters today because then I’d be staring at a giant bowl of candy right now and I’m not sure if I’d have the willpower!

On to the nails….

Here’s a dry marble design I did for halloween.  It was so damn quick! And I kinda love the glitter polish I’m holding in this pic.  It’s called Ritzy by Revlon and I think it would look awesome for some glitzy glam nails this winter holiday season.

dry marble halloween

As I write this it’s halloween day and I couldn’t resist doing another holiday mani.  I’m working on a skittles mani right now with some diy decals I made a few wks ago.  It might not get posted til after the holiday, but oh well- I really want to sqeeze in ONE MORE design before the spookiness is over and we move on to snowflakes and red & green.

Do you celebrate halloween at all?  Enjoy your day !




Sugar Skull Nail Art for #NAILlinkup

I have been dying to try sugar skull nails for the longest time.  Well, I did try them once before right here, but I used my Bundle Monster stamping plates so I kinda cheated a little bit. Since this was my first time really hand-painting them, I started small and only did an accent nail. Also in my defense, it was like 3:30 in the morning since I couldn’t sleep- so I’m lucky it came out has as good as it did. LOL! I’m entering this design for our SPOOKY theme as part of the October NAIL Linkup.

pumpkin sugar skull nailart pumpkin sugar skull nailsMy orange nails are painted with Creative Cuticles Pumpkin Everything topped with Butter London Matte Finish Topcoat. The accent sugar skull nail is painted white with my new fave white polish- AVON Iceberg White. Then I painted the day of the dead face with a variety of other nail polishes.  I wanna try this again with really cute girly colors and flowers for eyes.

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Autumn Nail Art by BrijitsDigits

Today I’m taking a break from blogging and I’m showing you a surprise guest post from my good friend Brijit! Enjoy!

Oh, hai! I’m Brijit of BrijitsDigits, but you probably know that. Not because I’m a superstar, but because I’m one of the bloggers that Jacqui organises the Nail Art Ideas Linkup and OMD! challenges with :)

So, I decided to take advantage of Jax’s good nature give my friend a day off blogging by writing up a little guest post!

We all know that Jax is from NY state, and recently she was telling me about how beautiful her area is in autumn, so I especially wanted to do a leaves-turning-orange -inspired mani :)

Autumn Nail Art A England Ozotic 502 Close Up 28-10-2014 22-25-47

The polish I decided to use are Ozotic 502 – a red-orange-golden multichrome, and 3 A Englands - Camelot (my go-to black), Briarwood (a ruddy, brown-leaning holo) and Holy Grail (gold with a hint of green).

Autumn Nail Art A England Polish Used  28-10-2014 22-19-25Holy Grail went on my little finger, and Briarwood on my index (pointer) and thumb, so the other 2 fingers of each hand are in the Ozotic, which I stamped with oak leaf outlines, from a plate that doesn’t have a brand, but is marked H19, if you ever want to look it up.

Ozotic 502 Closeup  28-10-2014 22-26-50

Autumn Nail Art A England Briar Wood 28-10-2014 22-27-39I adore messing around with multichromes when I’m taking photos! Here is my favourite pair, they show off the colour shift quite nicely :)

Autumn Nail Art A England Briar Wood Ozotic 502  28-10-2014 22-22-49

Autumn Nail Art A England Ozotic  28-10-2014 22-22-41Thanks Brijit!  I’m loving those autumn colors. Especially that gold on your pinkie!  I wish we could hold onto autumn a little bit longer.  Unfortunately, a lot of the leaves are falling right now in NY.  Before we know it we’ll be pulling out the snow boots!  On the bright side, that means we should definitely start thinking about acquiring new winter nail polish collections, right?  I have my calendar marked for Nov 1st. That’s when the KBShimmer winter indies will be released!  Squueeee!

Thanks to Brijit for her lovely autumn nail post.  If you don’t already follow her blog- here’s her linky dink:  And Stay tuned for friday- that’s when we announce the November N.A.I.L. Linkup prompts. Ciao!

OMG Strips – Pink Scream

This is my second pair of OMG Nail Strips that I’m trying out and this cool halloweeny design is called Pink Scream. I love the scary theme of these nail wraps- it totally reminds me of that movie Scream.  Which I have since located on netflix and I’m watching right now. I haven’t seen it in a longtime yet it’s one of those movies that I could watch over and over again.  I freaking love scary movies!  But anyway, here’s what the OMG strips look like-

omg stripsThe design on the website here has a pink background, black masks and blue squiggles on it.  But my squiggles are white.  I still like them, but it’s something to note that they look slightly different than on the website.  They only took 5 minutes to apply, but I spend another 15 minutes filing them and topcoating them.  My first set called Dark cheetah that I reviewed here fit perfectly on every single finger.  For this set I must’ve misjudged because my ring finger strip didn’t fit right.  I had some overhang but I snipped it off with my cuticle cutters and smoothed the edges with a nail file and that worked fine.

Here’s what they look like on the nail-

pink scream nail strips pink scream omg nail stripsI think they’re super cute and I’m glad I have seasonally-appropriate nails right now.  The last pair I wore lasted 4 days before I saw some chips on the tips.   They were easy to remove with nail polish remover too.  I like that I don’t have to peel them off.  I work hard to maintain my nails and I hate nail strips that rip apart my nails!

If you’d like to learn more about how these strips work here’s a nice video on their site made by youtuber Julie Ventura >> It has some interesting tips like using some acetone to ‘melt’ the strips to your nails around the edges.  I haven’t tried that, but it sounds like it makes sense!

You can find OMG on facebook here or here on IG Want a discount code?  OMG is currently offering a 5 for $25 promotion with coupon code “5pack” and a 10 for $45 with the coupon code “10pack” on their website:

*this product was sent to me for review

Skull Nail Tutorial Guest Post at SEIZETHENAIL

Did you see the recent guest post that I did for SEIZETHENAIL?  It’s my favorite halloween design that I’ve done so far this year!  I also included a cool tutorial for skull and crossbones nail art using a funky Blackheart Beauty nail polish.  Make sure to swing by Bella’s blog to check it out here>> FALL/HALOWEEN GUEST BLOGGER CRAFTYNAIL

skull nail art tutorial by CraftynailOn another topic- Do you ever have one of those weeks where you are technologically cursed?  When all of your electronic devices just start malfunctioning all at the same time?  I feel like that happens to me at least twice a year.  It must be something with the position of the planets, or astrology or something because it’s the weirdest thing.  My ASUS tablet which I’ve only had for 5 months stopped working.  And I can’t even mail it in to them for repair because my printer got jammed and is throwing printhead errors, so I can’t print out the RMA form to include in the box. UGH! So annoying!  And since my tablet isn’t working, I can’t post to instagram or anything.  I feel so out of the loop.  Lemme know if I’m missing anything good on the web, k?

Eeeek-inspired red flame nails

Today is Eeeek’s birthday!  Eeeek is the hilarious blogger named Jemma that does picture-perfect nails over at Eeeek! Nail Polish!  She’s one of my good friends so this post is dedicated to her.  I say we’re good friends, but the truth is, we’ve never actually met.  We live on different continents, but we are good friends online, and I’m convinced that if we lived near each other we’d be meeting up for happy hour later, we’d get tipsy, bitch about work and I’d give her a fabulously expensive birthday present. But since that’s not happening.. Jem- please accept this lame bday post instead. hahaha!!!

I chose one of Jem’s nail designs to re-do in her honor.  I picked this stunning fiery red flame design of hers here.  She used China Glaze Ruby Pumps but I don’t have that so I’m wearing Butter London Chancer.  I used AVON Platinum Petal and Cheeky plate CH52 for my stamped flames.  My stamp is different but pretty close to hers.

butter london chancer nail art butter london chancer red flames fiery red nails
A few other girls are doing Eeeek-inspired nails today too. Check them out below and if you wanna join in, please do. Jem would love it, I’m sure.

Happy birthday girlfriend!  Hope Mr. Eeeek spoils you rotten!

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