Owl Always Love You

I was in the mood for playful nails so I dug into my stash of nail decals for something cutesy. A while ago I had a giveaway that went bad because the company that sponsored it (moon sugar decals) never mailed my winner their prize. But since then, the company got a new guy running the show and he made it right by sending the winner her goodies months after the fact. He also sent me a bunch of decals to sample. Some of which are these cute owl designs. I paired them underneath a variety of nail polish colors to get this cool mix n match look….

owl nail decals owl nailsI did the other hand a little different just for fun. I think the yellow nails are my faves.

owl water slide nail decalsAnd on each hand I added a polka dotted heart accent nail using Incoco brand’s ‘Perfect Accents‘ in BE MINE. Perfect Accents are small and inexpensive packs that contain only a few nail appliques so you can achieve a quick and easy accent nail!

I’m glad I did these nails when I did because the very next day I had my surprise bridal shower. I had no idea! I never saw it coming. I’m thankful I wasn’t wearing bare nails for that, especially since I was just coming from the gym and had no makeup on. At least my nails looked good! I’ll be walking down the aisle very soon (11 days to be exact), that’s why I’m calling this design OWL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. Til death do us part, my love! xoxo

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AVON Golden Wine

I’m still an AVON lady which means I’m stocked to the brim with AVON nail polishes! I seriously love AVON Nailwear, I almost have to make myself wear other brands because I’m always reaching for my AVON stash.  I think it’s because I really like their brush and formulas. They also last me about 5 days without chipping, which is pretty good. My nails are bendy so they usually chip pretty fast with other brands.

This Nailwear Pro+ color I’m wearing here is called Golden Wine.  It’s nice for winter or valentines day. It’s a dark maroon with golden shimmer.  Very sophisticated I think.

AVON Golden Wine avon nailwear golden wineIn my past I would not have worn this burgundy color, I think I would have thought that Golden Wine was boring or too-grownup.  But after being a nail polish fanatic for a few years I find that my tastes change a lot. And often. It’s as if falling in love with nail polish has made me love all the colors.  I need them all.  Don’t you?

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Sugar Sweet Incoco and my ring

When Valentines Day is around the corner don’t you feel impelled to wear little hearts on your nails? Well, the SWEET ROMANCE collection from Incoco fits that bill perfectly. I love the teeny tiny multicolor heart pattern on this design called Sugar Sweet…

INCOCO Sugar Sweet Incoco SUgar Sweet NailsIf you haven’t tried nail strips because you’re intimidated you really should check out Incocos. Once you put them on a few times you can quickly become good at applying them. I can do both hands within 15 minutes without any snafus. They last me about a week with a topcoat over top to secure them down. And they seem to be cheaper than other ones on the market. (um, jamberry I’m talking to you)

Since this is a romancey kinda post I figured now is a good time to show you my engagement ring. Please excuse my excessively long fingers in this weird photo. There’s nothing I can do- I was born that way 🙂

engagement ring nails my engagement ringIsn’t it purdy? I love the unique victorian setting and that it’s gold, not silver. This ring was my fiance’s grandmother’s and he had it fixed up for me.  I like the double diamond thing- in fact, I’ve been seeing this style on Kay Jewelers commercials and they call it the ‘EVER US’ ring.  They say it has ‘one diamond for your best friend, and one diamond for your true love’. Well, mine has that same concept except it’s from earlier in the 1900’s!

Happy Valentines day lovahs!  muah!

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OMG- it’s really me!

Hey blogosphere! Did you forget who Craftynail was? Did you shun me and write me off your list forever? Well, I’m still here.  And I miss adding nail pics to my little corner of the web. But you should know that I’m still reading everyone elses’ blogs! I just haven’t had much time to write in my own.  I was blogging consistently for 3 straight years, but somehow it has taken a backseat in my life. Sad, right?  But such is life- things change.  But one thing is still the same… I still love doin my nails! Here’s a shot of some cool mattified black n white nails I did at the end of 2015-

black n white mattematte stamped nailsCool, right?

So you may be wondering what I’ve been up to lately?  Wellllllllll…..

I met the man of my dreams and got engaged. No shit! I am not kidding! (I need to post a pic of my nails and my engagement ring, huh?) Like they say, when you know, you just know… and I knew pretty soon into the relationship that I was gonna marry this dude.  And the real kicker? He’s a farmer.  Yuppers- an honest-to-goodness farmer! So what do you think? Ya think Craftynail can wrangle some black angus and hold my own on the farm? Here’s a pic I snapped when I was sitting on the tractor…

nov 2015 picI can still wear cute nails on the farm.. but I have been keeping them shorter.  My nails have been peeling like a freakin banana lately!   And it’s easier to keep them from breaking and chipping when I wear them short and with nail polish.  I keep putting nail strengthener on underneath my color, but it hasn’t seemed to help much.  I recently bought some of that Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle and have been using it for about a month, so we shall see.

Well, even though I’ve been M.I.A. I hope you still love me.  I do plan to post again in the near future because I have some adorable valentines day incoco strips to show you.  Don’t hold your breath though, but I will definitely talk to you again soon. Missin you.

xoxoxox  Jacqui

Halo Geo Stamped Nails

My last post was a review of Dermelect’s new fall collection and I said my favorite of the bunch was a rose gold chrome polish called Halo.  I really wanted to wear Halo again after I did my swatches, and this is the nail design I came up with. I wore this for at least a week straight I liked it so much! Unfortunately I had a dramatic event with a naughty stray dog over the weekend and broke a whole bunch of my nails in the process. So I chopped em off. Now I’m actually loving my new super short nails.  They don’t chip as fast! You’ll see them in my next post. 🙂 But for now let’s look at my Halo nails with some cool triangular geometric stamping….

Halo Geo Stamped Nails Dermelect Stamped Nailsbase color- Halo by Dermelect

stamping polish- Blackout by Rica

stamping plate – Bundle Monster BM-423

topcoat – Seche Vite

Tomorrow is Halloween!  I didn’t even post any spooky nails on my blog this year. I’m so off my game! xoxxo

Dermelect ‘ME’ Inner Wild Fall 2015 Collection

Today I’d like to show you a new 4 piece Fall 2015 collection from Dermelect called Inner Wild. Inner Wild is the newest edition to the Dermelect ME Lacquer Collection which touts a unique anti-aging peptide-infused formulation…

Dermelect Inner Wild

The first coat instantly bonds to the nail, while the second fuses with the base coat to create a flexible web of color that resists chipping and improves brittleness.  The ME colors combine fast drying, high shine and a healthy ‘green’ dose of vitamins, peptides and moisture, offering a colorful solution to the contemporary woman’s beauty concern — aging hands and nails.

The Inner Wild Collection consists of 4 sophisticated urban camouflage colors that can be worn together or separately. There’s a nice range of finishes and neutrals in this little collection.  So let’s look at my swatches!


Halo by Dermelect HaloHalo is a frosty rose gold color which needed two coats.  I like the angelic name of this one. I also think this color is very wearable and kinda boho chic. I’m actually wearing it for the second time right now.

Give Me ’10’

Give Me '10' by DermelectGive Me '10'Give Me ’10’ is a grey-ish lavender color with shimmer.  The first coat was very sheer, but the second coat surprisingly gave much better coverage.  I went for three coats though to make sure it was completely opaque.  The pink and blue shimmer against the light purple base color is really pretty and lends a bit of complexity to this shade.

Army Of One

Army of One by DermelectArmy of OneArmy Of One is an army green creme that needed two coats for opacity. This one seemed super shiny to me. You can see alot of reflections on the surface of my nails in these pics!  I loved the khaki green shade too. So perfect for fall-time.


Commando by Dermelect CommandoCommando is a nice neutral putty color that you can get a lot of wear out of.  Two coats did the trick.  Commando seemed to dry really fast too, so you won’t want to dilly dally when applying it.

Nice colors for fall, right? And if you’re in the mood for some nail art you can even try your hand at Dermelect’s DIY Abstract Camo Nail Art.  Photo courtesy of Dermelect.

image001Abstract Camo

  1. Choose “Give Me 10” from Dermelect Cosmeceuticals’ Inner Wild Collection as the base color and paint 2 coats on the nail.
  2. Use Army of ONE, Commando and Halo from Dermelect Cosmeceuticals’ Inner Wild Collection to make different shaped abstract splotches on the nail.
  3. Make sure to leave some of your base color (Give Me 10) showing through.
  4. Seal with Memento Manicure Extender Top Coat

Dermelect’s ‘ME’ Inner Wild Collection is available for Fall 2015.  The lacquers retail for $14 a piece and can be purchased at http://dermelect.com/.

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New Metallic Fringe from AVON

AVON recently released a new special top coat called Metallic Fringe.  There’s 5 different ones to choose from, and they’re all clear coats with bar glitter in them. I picked up FRINGED & FRAYED which has white and gold glitters.

Metallic Fringe Craftynail AVON Fringed and Frayed by Craftynail Fringed and Frayed by CraftynailIn these pics I’m wearing Fringed & Frayed over a green Nailwear Pro+ called Noir Emerald.  To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure if I like bar glitter or not.  I haven’t worn it much, and there’s something mismatchy about it since the glitters stick in all different directions.  I didn’t  know if I’d enjoy the Metallic Fringe line so I only bought one. But after I put on Fringed & Frayed I realized…. I love this topcoat!  It adds a really cool metallic effect to your favorite nail polish color.  It was easy to apply too- one coat did the trick.

You can get Metallic Fringe at my e-store https://craftynail.avonrepresentative.com/ or from your local AVON Representative. They’re usually on sale for only $3.49 a piece!